During MSc programme, students will learn about the following disciplines and specializations:

Medical engineering

instruments and techniques for measuring signals of biological origin, theory of technical and biological systems, process control, biomechanics, biomedical computer practice, bioinformatics, biocompatible materials, biotechnology, biomedical sensors, medical image processing, medical optics, speech and hearing diagnostics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, intelligent medical devices

15-35 credits

Natural sciences

mathematics, physics, functional anatomy, physiology, biophysics, molecular biology

20-30 credits

Economics, business and human sciences

quality management, ethical issues of medical research, health care

10-20 credits



compulsory courses with a medical background

compulsory courses with an engineering or natural science background

elective courses (16 credits must be selected from this group)

facultative courses (optional, can also be selected from the list of elective courses)


  • Lec : Lecture
  • Sem : Seminar
  • Prac : Practice
  • FoA : Form of Assessment
  • E : Examination grade
  • S : Semester mark
  • C : Comprehensive exam
  • Cre : Credit


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