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Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology

Semester: 1st
Class hours/week: 1 lectures | 3 seminars
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Prof. Dr. Judit PONGRÁCZ
Course code: MSM607ANEG


The aim of the course is to provide an overview of prokaryotic and eukaryotic including human genetics and molecular biology techniques. In association with genetics mathematical background of data handling and statistical analysis will be introduced that is relevant to all types of biological research. The students will learn genetic modelling and manipulation systems, their relevance to human studies. Basic understanding of genomix and proteomix, biochemical processes will be linked to practical applications. To aid application of genetic principles in molecular biology, the course introduces students in the joint use of various softwares and mathematical algorithms to enable them to perform data processing and basic statistical analysis task in genetic and other routine biotech research work. During the course students will learn the mathematical background to statistics essential in biology based research. The study will include data handling using computer softwares, data analysis, interpretation, graphical presentation. The main statistical and probability methods used in medical and pharmaceutical research.


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