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Biomedical Material Science

  • Elective course (16 credits must be selected from this group)
Semester: 3rd
Class hours/week: 4 practices
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Semester mark
Course director: Dr. Péter MARÓTI
Course code: MSM622ANEG


The course will give insight into the field of materials related to biomedical applications. During the semester, the students will get familiar with the characteristics of different polymers, composites, metals and their alloys. Presentation of medical (e.g. instruments in operating theatre, asssistive devices etc.) and biomedical devices (laboratory equipments, bioractors etc.) are also part of the subject. Beside the phyisical and structural characteristics, the course wll strongly focus on the aspects of biocompatibility, alongside with corresponding manufacturing technologies. Practical knowledge will be empahasised: practices with material testing devices (static and dynamic mechanical testing), composite extuders and 3D printers are in the curruculum. The students will obtain knowledge regarding international standards and protocols (e.g. ISO, ASTM).


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