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Medical Image Processing

Semester: 2nd
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 practices
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Dr. Szilvia NAGY
Prerequisites: Mathematics
Course code: MSM613ANEG


Students learn the building blocks of medical imaging and learn about the basic physics of different imaging modalities. Students then learn the principles of image formation and the standard way to handle, store, print and transmit information in medical imaging using DICOM format and PACS medical imaging technology. The principles of image formation, sampling, coding and visualization will be also discussed. To get a deeper knowledge of advanced medical image processing, students learn about image intensity transformations, spatial filtering, segmentation algorithms and image (co)registration methods in theory and practice. Finally, students learn about advanced methods used in medical imaging, clinical research, image-guided and radiation therapy.


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