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Biomedical Measurement Theory

Semester: 2nd
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 practices
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Semester mark
Course director: Dr. Ádám SCHIFFER
Course code: MSM612ANEG


Basic concepts of measurement technology. Measurement uncertainty, accuracy, measurement error and their propagation. Evaluation methods for measurement series. Etalon System. Calibration methods, linearization. Data Filtering. Pressure, force, temperature, acceleration, radiation, mechanical properties measurement. Position mesurement. Acoustic and vibration measurements. Signal conditioning, sampling and pre-processing methods; Classification of signals; interference filtering, quantization; Basics of signal processing and their application in medical measurements. Averaging and properties of (moving window and recursive). Principle of linear procedures, superposition. Basics of nonlinerization, a median filtering. Representation of signals in frequency domain. Connection between time and frequency range. PC based measuring systems. Signal generation with virtual devices. Industrial measurement systems, standards (PXI, VXI, MXI, GPIB). Measurement with microcomputers (Arduino, Raspberry PI). Communication protocols in measurement technology. Presentation and data evaluation of medical devices.


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