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Medical Devices

  • Elective course (16 credits must be selected from this group)
Semester: 3rd
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 practices
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Dr. Péter KOVÁCS
Course code: MSM628ANEG


Students must have a thorough understanding of the function, structure, grouping, and risk of medical and semi-medical equipment used at different levels of care (basic, specialist and inpatient care) and in key areas. They should be familiar with the concept of medical devices, their role, the basics of the relevant Hungarian and EU legislation, and the essential elements of the relevant technical documentation. They must have a thorough knowledge of the entire life cycle of medical devices: design, certification, product launch (placing on the market), operation, review, record keeping, recall, etc.


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