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Functional Anatomy

  • Compulsory course with an engineering or natural science background
Semester: 1st
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 practices
Credits (ECTS): 6
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Dr. Péter KISS
Course code: MSM603ANEG


The purpose of the course is to summarize the anatomical knowledge needed by students, who possess degree in engineering. Students are requred to learn the basics of human body structure and function.

Special emphasis is put on the active and passive elements of locomotor system. During the semester, bones, joints and muscles of the human body will be taught, focusing mainly on regional anatomy of the upper and lower limb. The theory sessions will be completed by lab classes in the dissection rooms and histology lab.

The course includes the following main topics:

  • Bones and joints of the upper limb
  • Muscles of the upper limb, structure and function
  • Bones and joints of the lower limb
  • Muscles of the lower limb, structure and function
  • Anatomy of the spine, muscles of the trunk, structure and function
  • Histologic basics: basic tissue types, focusing mainly on connective and supportive tissues and muscle tissue
  • Basic knowledge about physiology of the circulatory, respiratory and locomotor systems
  • Pathophysiology of the most important diseases of the locomotor system


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