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Clinical Research

Semester: 1st
Class hours/week: 3 lectures
Credits (ECTS): 3
Form of assessment: Semester mark
Course director: Dr. Tímea STROMÁJER-RÁCZ
Course code: MSM609ANEG


The purpose of the course is for students to learn the theoretical principles of clinical research, how to plan a clinical research, the research’s main types, literary research and the methods of clinical data collection. The development and principles of clinical research; Evidences in clinical research; Indicators used in clinical research; Indicators of the connections between diseases and risk factors, Cause-effect relations in clinical research; The correct directives of clinical practice (GCP); The types and classification of clinical research I.; The types and classification of clinical research II.; The policy of clinical research; The planning of clinical research, preparation of research plan; The legal and ethical aspects of clinical research, roles of the participants; Medical devices in clinical research; The authorization process of clinical research with medical devices; The analytical stages of clinical research; Review of known medical clinical research.


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