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Medical Cybernetics

Semester: 3rd
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 seminars
Credits (ECTS): 4
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Dr. László Zoltán PÉCZELY
Prerequisites: Biophysics
Course code: MSM614MNEG


Cybernetics incorporating several disciplines deals with the control, regulation, and information flow as well as processing occuring in expediently working dinamical systems. The Medical Cybernetics is one of the most important basic cybernetic disciplines, which, in our view, is an integrative, holistic field of science and research providing an overall interpretation of the human biological system, the patient itself, the examining doctor and staff, the diagnostic and therapeutic technical apparatus and procedures, and the researcher who investigates these factors being in complex interaction. Within the framework of the subject our aim is to reinforce and invent the comprehensive and holistic scientific thinking of the students, furthermore, to provide them modern practical knowledge (diagnostic and therapeutic tools, equipments, system-level description and analysis of new medical procedures and methods). We do hope that this approach makes easier the understanding and recognition of the general principles and mechanisms which influence medical decision-making. Accordingly, the Medical Cybernetics possesses a scientific approach which utilises theoretical, methodological and technicaltechnological utilizations of Cybernetics in an integrative way and which is well-reflected in our practiceoriented education. Using the knowledge acquired previously in biophysical, biochemical, anatomical, physiological, immunological, pathophysiological, and engineering subject studies, students will be provided with related systems theory and specific mathematical knowledge. All of this makes it easier for them to understand the medical significance of even the most recent modern diagnostic tools and therapeutic procedures. Based on the research experience of the instructors, we also intend to pay an outstanding attention to acquiring measurement theory knowledge, as well as introducing new areas such as bioimpedance spectrum tomography, smart prosthesis production, problem of the prosthesis-embeddedness, or even cutting edge robotics applications.


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