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  • Compulsory course with a medical background
Semester: 1st
Class hours/week: 2 lectures | 2 seminars
Credits (ECTS): 5
Form of assessment: Examination grade
Course director: Dr. Gergely NYITRAI
Course code: MSM602ANEG


The goal of the subject is to give the students (trained in a medical field) a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of physics and its basic concepts used in their special subjects.

During the course the following knowledges are taught: General mechanics: basic concepts of kinematics, the description of the motion of ideal particles. The fundamentals of dynamics, force and mass, Newton laws, work, energy. Description of the motion of systems of groups of ideal particles, conservation laws. The fundamentals of thermodynamics: temperature, gas laws, kinetic theory of gases. Internal energy end heat, major laws of thermodynamics. The thermal ways of energy-transport. Phase transitions. The basic concepts of electricity and magnetism: the description of the electric field and its fundamental laws. The electric current. The description of the magnetic field and its fundamental laws. Nonstationary electromagnetic field. Vibrations: harmonic oscillation, evanescent oscillation, forced oscillation. Waves: harmonic wave. Wave propagation, interference, standing wave. Diffraction. Electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic spectrum. Wave optics, diffraction, polarization, dispersion, the fundamentals of spectroscopy. Wave-particle duality, the photon. Atomic models, atomic energy levels, emission, absorption. The fundamentals of nuclear physics, the components of the nucleus and its features.


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