„M3D-Vision” – Live broadcast of medical content

„M3D-Vision” is an interactive healthcare 3D content recorder and player frame system that aims to relieve and redesign healthcare education.


  • Dr. Péter Maróti – medical-professional expert, project leader, inventor
  • Mátyás Bene – engineer-IT technician, embedded system expert, inventor
  • Attila Péntek – engineer-IT technician, hardware developer, inventor
  • Emese Molnár – development leader
  • Árpád Sipőcz – VR expert, Unity developer
  • Development partner: CA Engineering Kft.

„M3D-Vision” is an interactive healthcare 3D content recorder and player frame system that aims to relieve and redesign healthcare education. Using live, edited, real 3D content and virtual reality (VR) elements, it aims to create and revolutionize digital healthcare content creation and quality assurance. Its main uses could be recording and displaying 3D digital content, providing relief to clinical staff, improving the general quality of education and providing quality assurance for surgeries.

The development is in its advanced stages: the hardware and software for a functional prototype are already available. There are successful tests running at the PTE Medical School Simulation Education Center. For the further development and market launch of the development we would need tender sources, venture-capitalists or targeted financial support, for which we are actively looking for.

The M3D-Vision system is a complete hardware and software pack that allows 2D or 3D technology recording of voice or video materials in clinical environments. It also contains a user-friendly option for editing the recordings and the uploading and sharing of interactive content. The 3D interactive healthcare content recorder and player pack serves to renew and give relief to healthcare education and service. Universities, medical students, clinics, public schools should all be able to benefit from the equipment, helping education, research or even medical work. The model is currently unique in its flexibility and feasibility. The development focuses on both hardware and software development, and the integration of use cases (e.g. surgery streaming for education, documentation or consultation). Our product reached its current, advanced even in international circles of similar ideas, status due to intensive development and real-life practical review. The current level of development can already be used for research, demonstration and education.

Key elements

3D recording mode

The system can record 2D or 3D content that can be annotated and extended with interactive content live or post-recording in a user-friendly way.

Editable, recordable visualization processes

Recorded videos are easy to edit, the most important content can be emphasized using various visualization processes. Videos can be organised in searchable and shareable libraries.

Real-time data forwarding

The system allows the streaming of surgery or classroom recording to an arbitrary number of users. The image content can be supplemented with VR content with the use of a 3D pointer in the surgery setting. The software is a multiplatform development, therefore it is easy to integrate and use in a variety of imaging devices.

Modular system

Institution or personal user licences, personalised solutions. The system can be integrated into existing LMS (Learning Content Management) or LCMS (Learning and Content Management Systems) systems, but it also functions as a stand-alone frame system. Users can access the system both individually and on the institutional level; licence management was designed accordingly.

We are cooperating with CAE Engineering Kft., they are the Hungarian subsidiary of a multinational (Canada-based) company providing military, airplane and healthcare simulation solutions. Therefore, the system will be available in these fields as well for education and quality assurance.

Other than 3D visual data, depth data can also be extracted from the system, allowing for the forwarding, storage and analysis of real parametric spatial information as well.

During the hardware development on the input side we have successfully created the prototype of a 3D pointer that can be sterilized and used in clinical environments, as well as a universal stand that can be used in both surgery and classroom environment – it can even be placed in a surgery lamp. The camera can be placed on the surgeon’s head with a special band, providing the surgeon’s POV. A small external computer attached to a belt, allowing for comfortable and hassle-free use, handles the streaming of digital content and data processing. Moreover, the device is plug-and-play to ensure the easiest possible operation for users.

Our current partners are from the healthcare industry, but we firmly believe that our development could provide valuable services for the industry, security techniques or even representatives of the defensive areas.

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