Simulation Education, Surgery Planning and Operational Medicine

Leader of research group: Dr. Szilárd Rendeki


The group's activities

Surgery planning in orthopaedics and dentistry-dental surgery, studies about the implementation of digital dentistry. Study of the accuracy of virtually designed and 3D printed template surgeries. Possible connections of digital techniques and virtual surgery planning in dental surgeries. Orthopaedics: practical study and development of scoliosis correctional surgery.

Development of simulation education by upgrading manual skill education equipment and education methods.

Operational medicine: education, research and development of patient care methods for law enforcement, military and special situations. Early diagnostic recognition of special injury types; study of the effects of extreme physical and mental stress on performance; active participation in the NATO exoskeleton development research group.


Mátyás Bene

Dr. Ildikó Bock-Marquette

Laboratory specialisation workgroup management

Dr. Kristóf József

Dr. Zsanett Kövér

Dr. Klaudia Maár

Dr. Gyula Marada

János Mendler

development engineer

Dr. Bálint Nagy

Dr. Zsófia Nagy

Mátyás Rendeki

Dr. Szilárd Rendeki

Dr. Ádám Schlégl

Péter Szűcs

Dr. Péter Than

Dr. Csaba Vermes


Surgery planning 1 – Orthopaedics

  • Dr. Péter Than
  • Dr. Csaba Vermes
  • Dr. Ádám Schlégl
  • Dr. Kristóf József

The key to scoliosis correction surgery is the bend of retainer rod. In the course of our research cooperation with EOS Imaging Ltd. SpineEOS, we would study the accuracy of their retainer rod designer software, providing development ideas for the company.

In the new process, we would use the software for 3D printed rod templates for the further refinement of the rod’s shape after preoperative EOS imaging and 3D reconstruction.

After the surgery, we would use EOS imaging to find the differences between the two design methods, and the accuracy of the design.

Possible achievements, goals, commitments

We can definitely commit to an external partnership cooperation with EOS Imaging Ltd, Paris. We cannot promise Q2 level articles, but in optimal circumstances, the contents should be ready by March.

Surgery planning 2 – Dentistry, dental surgery

  • Dr. Gyula Marada
  • Dr. Zsanett Kövér

With the opening of the 3D centre the opportunity for establishing digital dentistry at the clinic also opened to us. The primary studies were started by two workgroups. The main field of the first group was the study of accuracy in surgeries with 3D printed templates.

The second workgroup focused on the possible connections of digital techniques and virtual design in dental surgeries. Such surgeries could be disgnath and bone replacement surgeries and dental implantation rehabilitation.

Possible achievements, goals, commitments

We are committed to building connections with leading members of the local innovative market who take part in the implementation of virtual designs in real life. A potential partner could be Dent Art Kft, under the leadership of János Kónya. He has even implemented a product award patent in the past.

We are also committed to the publication of our findings in international scientific journals.

Simulation education

  • Dr. Szilárd Rendeki
  • Dr. Bálint Nagy
  • Péter Szűcs
  • Mátyás Rendeki

The PTE ÁOK Simulation Education Centre develops manual skill education tools and education method possibilities for medical school gradual and post-gradual course goals at 21st century standards. We are working on the expected education system of practical elements with the available equipment, aiming to satisfy the needs of individual clinical professions. This will contain the achieved and still to be gained and improved skills in an easy to measure, objective and recorded format for our students and graduated doctor colleagues.

Possible achievements, goals, commitments

A system documenting professional development could help registered colleagues in acquiring the technical elements of their field of choosing. In order to identify the objective measurement parameters, we will create a simulator qualification system, which will be able to prove the real educational use and success of our simulator system emulating real life practical skills, taking into account the views of users, students and administrators. Gathering this data will help us in getting to know the future direction of simulation education, its failings; development and maintenance will be easier to plan after data analysis as well. We are identifying a unified, national professional education concept with the foundation and active work of the Hungarian Healthcare Simulation Association.

We are committed to publishing our achievement in international academic journals.

Operational Medicine

  • Dr. Szilárd Rendeki
  • Dr. Bálint Nagy
  • Dr. Ildikó Bock-Marquette
  • Dr. Zsófia Nagy
  • Dr. Klaudia Maár
  • Péter Szűcs
  • Mátyás Rendeki

We teach, research and develop injury treatment methods in law enforcement, military and special environment. We analyse the topic of pre-hospital life-saving while taking the local situation into account – therefore we change international experience and knowledge accordingly. The complex, modular general education concept of Operational Medicine encompasses the creation of rural life-saving programmes, medical professional training and professional upskilling. Our Operational Medicine programme deals with early diagnostic recognition of special injury types, the study of the effects of extreme physical and mental stress on performance and opportunities to preparation in cooperation with the Central European Police Academy. The group actively participates in the work of the NATO human exoskeleton research group.

We are committed to publish our achievements in international scientific journals.