Neurorehabilitation, motion analysis

Leader of research group: Dr. Luca Tóth


The group's activities

The Neurorehabilitation working group conducts research with the world’s leading robotic devices. Its aim with the help of the devices is to carry out outstanding research activities at international level as well, which can improve the quality of life of patients in the future. In our research, we plan to involve patients with severe mobility limitations due to spinal cord injury and cerebrovascular accident in the study of the use and effects of robotic devices for therapeutic purposes.

Goals, expected results

In the frame of the program, our goal is to create a complex Biomechanical Laboratory, which, with its equipment, provides a wide range of opportunities to apply the latest neurorehabilitation technologies, thus helping patients to improve their quality of life after injury and reduce potential complications.


Viktória Bors

Enikő Erdői

Adrienn Pallag

Dr. Luca Tóth

Head of unit

Ádám Visnyei