Materials and structural analysis

Leader of research group: Dr. Zoltán Orbán


The group's activities

The antecedents of the research are the Structural Diagnostics and Analysis Research Group (since 2011), HISTORICAL STRUCTURES - EU IPA Hungary - Croatia Cross-border Cooperation Programme (2011-2013), UP Center of Excellence - SMARTDIAG - Center of Excellence in Intelligent Diagnostic Procedures (2017-2018), High performance recycled concrete (2019). Study of structural material characteristics and deterioration processes by combined non-destructive methods. A special area of ​​research is the recycling of concrete waste. Huge amounts of concrete waste are generated worldwide (demolition of obsolete, damaged buildings, natural disasters, wars). The storage and reasonable recycling of waste are a growing problem.

The development and facilitation of the practical application of diagnostic and qualification procedures that make our built environment safer and more economically sustainable. Examining the structural reliability of existing buildings and increasing it if necessary. Development of diagnostic procedures related to the rehabilitation of structures, condition monitoring. Study of structural material properties and deterioration processes by combined non-destructive methods. Development of a new material testing and design methodology to improve the performance of recycled concretes.

The composition of the research group

7 senior researchers, teachers (civil engineer, physicist), 3 doctoral students (2 Hungarian, 1 foreign), 4 students


Publications related to basic and applied research.

Strengthening cooperation, establishing new industrial relations.

Expanding the research services portfolio.


National partners

Budapest Neutron Centre (consortium of MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics and MTA Centre for Energy Research); Industrial partners (Concrete plants, city management organizations, other)

International partners

Universities (4); professional organizations, EU projects