Study of conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances

Leader of research group: Dr. Zoltán Kvasznicza


The group's activities

Measurement and research of conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances, development of new methods.

Research of compatibility problems and development of solution procedures for interiors that can be characterized by different EMC environments.

Development of measurement methods for the study of radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances in medical equipment.

Research on the effects of harmonics occurring on public networks on the accuracy of electricity metering equipment.

Research on EMC characteristics of public external electrical networks.

Development of a conversion mathematical procedure based on EMC measurement results performed in a GTEM cell for comparison with outdoor measurements.

Research on the application possibilities of memristors in surge protection and various fields of EMC.

Expected results

Intra-university services:

  • Measurement of the electromagnetic compatibility of medical equipment - e.g. exoskeleton, elaboration of proposals for the elimination of possible limit value exceedances.
  • Identification of the typical sources and absorbers of disturbance in various medical rooms - ward, operating theater, etc. -, determination of their conducted and radiated emission and disturbance tolerance levels, and measures to ensure their compatibility.



Possible connections

With the research groups within the TKP that are involved in EMC issues

  • Medical Materials Technology
  • Smart City - Smart City Technologies, Mobility, Prevention
  • Medical robotics and biocybernetics

External, industrial partners

  • Harman Ltd.
  • E-ON South-Transdanubian Electricity Suppliers Zrt.


Viktor Bagdán

Dr. György Elmer

Patrik Elter

junior researcher

Lajos Gelencsér

István Gyurcsek

Dr. Zoltán Kvasznicza

Head of unit