BIM skill lab

Leader of research group: Prof. Dr. Bálint Bachmann


The group's activities

The aim of the research group is primarily to optimize construction workflows. We do not interpret optimization strictly in the frame of the construction industry - that is, we do not only examine how an investment can be of higher quality, possibly cheaper or faster - but we also want to prove the effects of our developed methodologies on health, environment and urban tissue with measurements in relation to the related fields of science. The members of the working group have significant experience in BIM-based design and implementation support for large investments. Based on the rightly chosen detail and information content, we can use the model to estimate investor costs, create design documentation, query quantities, or even create a model plan.

Areas examined

  1. Digital construction coordination, scheduling of construction workflows.
  2. Optimization of transport processes, ensuring building material supply, comparison of field works and factory prefabrication.
  3. Connection between prefabrication and on-site assembly workflows.


Establishment of R & D & I collaborations

  • Q2 publication
  • Development of design and construction methodologies
  • Preparation of a technical directive
  • Preparation of TDK research papers
  • Extension of doctoral dissertation

Possible projects

Participation in a real investment: participation in investments that must meet similar requirements and have similar circumstances is required.


  • CO2
  • noise impact
  • traffic of the surroundings of the construction site
  • particulate matter

ÁEEK–EBP hospital development program: the hospitals will not be closed during the construction, the construction works must be carried out in the immediate vicinity of the operating hospitals.


Potential Partners

In addition to Investors, we need the support of Contractors and main contractors so that we will be able to measure at construction sites. Public background institutions can help formulate and adopt possible guidelines.

Research group cooperation opportunities

Well-Being Research Incubator - parameterized comfort in physical spaces
Dr. Ágnes Borsos
Development of measurement methodologies, development of VR simulation, which affects not only vision but also other sensory organs (heat, noise, movement of air, humidity)

Autonomous systems
Prof. Dr. Péter Iványi
Design support, automatic design sheet generation (e.g. noise map) using simulations based on measurement results.

Smart City - SmartCity Technologies
Dr. Tibor Kiss
Shortening the processes associated with the deterioration of the quality of living space, minimizing their impact, developing smart construction solutions.


Prof. Dr. Bálint Bachmann

Head of unit

Nándor Bakai

BIM expert

Márk Dániel Cebei

BIM expert (occupational safety)

József Etinger

BIM manager

Balázs Füredi

Prof. Dr. Tamás János Katona

Patrik Márk Máder

BIM expert

Dr. László MIhály Perényi

Building structures

Olivér Rák

BIM expert

Dr. András Reith

Dr. András Sik

Dr. Éva Szabó

Dr. Etelka Szendrői

Krisztián Szűcs

Dr. Márk Balázs Zagorácz

operational head, BIM expert