Autonomous systems

Leader of research group: Prof. Péter Iványi


The group's activities

Robotic scan and FEA for upper limb fracture fixation

The task is the preparation and finite element modelling of the automated 3D printing of an orthosis used for upper limb fracture fixation.

Tasks to be performed

  • Development of a 3D scanning procedure for the upper limb.
  • Creation of a surface model of a 3D scanned set of points
  • Sizing the orthosis based on the 3D surface model
  • Finite element modelling of the orthosis model according to the prescribed load and material model
  • Optimization of the 3D mesh structure of the orthosis model with the help of FEM
  • Preparation of the optimized 3D model for 3D printing
  • Destructive testing of the 3D printed model with the instruments of the 3D Center, comparing it with the simulation results obtained during the VEM


  • Preparation of an article (Q2 at least)


Medical Materials Technology Research Group


Anett Ács


István Balogh

IT Management

Dr. Zsolt Ercsey

Gábor Ferenczy

Installation of IT equipment

Miklós Gerzson

Gábor Gyurák


Kitti Habling

Assisting the work of research groups

Dr. Péter Iványi

Péter Müller

Motion analysis

Anett Nagyváradi

Lower and upper limb motion analysis

Péter Novák

Providing software, data processing

Péterné Regőczi


Zsolt Schaffer

Tamás Storcz

Dr. Levente Szabó

Lower and upper limb motion analysis

Balázs Szentei

Dr. Balázs Tukora


Dr. Géza Várady

Examination of measurement procedure

Zoltán Vass

Software developer