Medical materials technology

Leader of research group: Prof. Dr. László Seress


The group's activities

Characterization of materials (primarily polymers and composites, later metals) for use in medical and laboratory device development. Production and testing of innovative composites using a new laboratory extruder - for additive production technology.

Ongoing research projects

Additive production technology use of CMT (cold metal transfer) - materials technology characterization

Collaborating partner: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering

Characterization of conductive ABS and PLA-carbon composites in the case of additive production technologies

Collaborating partner: UPMS Central Electron Microscope Laboratory

SUBMITTED to Scientific Reports (Q1 IF: 4.52) Péntek et al.: “The Effect of Printing Parameters on Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of PLA and ABS Based Carbon Composites in Additive Manufacturing”


Production and testing of innovative composites - for additive production technology.

Researcher education - Involvement of TDK and PhD students (currently one person with OTDK 2nd place and 1 PhD defense planned for this year). Strengthening the basic and applied research activities of the BME project.


UP Clinical Center (CC) Department of Dentistry - Cyclic fatigue testing of orthodontic tires under tempered conditions

UP CC Department of Paediatrics - Characterization of bone fixation techniques with 3-point bending test on simulators

Phoenix Innovations Kft. – in the process of signing a market service contract

UP Faculty of Pharmacy - Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy - Mapping the possibilities of 3D drug printing


Tamás Bulsz

Tünde Faragó

Bence Mánfai

3D graphic designer and technician

Dr. Péter Maróti

Head of unit

János Mendler

development engineer

Emese Molnár

Research assistant / software developer

Prof. Dr. Miklós Nyitrai

Attila Péntek

IT specialist

Prof. Dr. László Seress

Árpád Sipőcz

Professional service provider

Roland Told

Professional service provider